I would like to send different transactional email based on ordered product category. What is the best solution to achieve this?

The goal is to send emails: - based on category if ordered products are from single category - send default one for products from multiple categories

Since content will be very similar, maybe its better to add layout handle?

  • FYI: categories are not associated with order items. They can be inferred from the order item - product link, but if the product belongs to multiple categories, you will need to handle this process more robustly.
    – benmarks
    Jul 4 '13 at 11:54
  • thanks, luckily in my case products belong to one category only Jul 4 '13 at 12:32

You can make use of the control-flow if keyword in email templates to handle outputting blocks for you:

{{if order.getCategoryIsShoes()}}
    <p><!-- your content here --></p>
    <p><!-- your default content here --></p>

Of course you'll have to rewrite Mage_Sales_Model_Order with your own module to create that method:


class YourCompany_YourModule_Model_Order extends Mage_Sales_Model_Order
    public function getCategoryIsShoes()
        //set your shoes category id
        $shoesCategoryId = 9;

        //get order from registry
        $order = Mage::registry('current_order');

        foreach($order->getAllItems() as $_item){
            if(in_array($shoesCategoryId, $_item->getCategoryIds()){
                return true;

        return false;

The above is an example only - there is probably a much more elegant way to handle this, for instance, extending the category itself to include a tab with transactional email text; or better-yet, a module that allows you to assign that text on a per-category basis. This is just to get the juices flowing.

Some more reading about the email template syntax for control flow statements like depend and if/else:


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