I have a Magento installation running Magento Community. I need to set up shipping classes based on a weight system. Any item up to the weight of 20kg needs to be £5.00GBP for delivery, anything over 20kg needs to be £29.99GBP for delivery.

Currently the site is running shipping so that every 1kg is £5.00GBP but everything over 20kg is £29.99GBP so I have a slight problem with it, its also adding shipping for every item and not a total weight on the cart.

Is it possible to do the above at all?

Any help would be great!


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You can make use of the tablerates functionality that magento offers by default.

Just go to System->Configuration->Shipping Methods->Table Rates.
Change the config scope to your website (from the top left selector). Set the Condition field to Weight vs Destination. Download the CSV with the rates and fill in something like this:

Country Region/State "Zip/Postal Code"  "Order Subtotal (and above)" "Shipping Price"
*       *             *                  0.0000                       5.0000
*       *             *                  20.0000                      29.9900

Reupload you file and enjoy.


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