Imagine, that you creating new module (for example) and you have only your module files without magento core files.

  • How do you run unit tests?
  • What is the best build-process to run tests on this module?

I suppose that you have docker containers with different magento versions and build script that installs your module and executes tests.

Is there any other way to do it?

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When I write a module, it is always self contained, without Magento core files. During a module development phase, I use composer to install Magento together with other possible dependencies (other modules, phpunit, test tools)

But when I create a build matrix for CI tool, I use mage-ci tools script, that allows to install magento specific version. On top of that I install testing dependencies with composer.

You can check this module as an example: https://github.com/EcomDev/EcomDev_Fixture/tree/develop

example of its build file:

  - MAGE_DIR=build
  # Change composer Magento version
  - cp .travis/composer.json composer.json
  # Install mage-ci
  - source <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EcomDev/MageCI/master/installer)
  # Installing magento version with prepared DB dump
  - bin/mage-ci install $MAGE_DIR $MAGE magento -c
  # Installing dependencies
  - composer install
  # Installing your actual extension module
  - bin/mage-ci install-module $MAGE_DIR $(pwd)
  # Configuring EcomDev_PHPUnit module
  - bin/mage-ci shell $MAGE_DIR ecomdev-phpunit.php -a install
  - bin/mage-ci shell $MAGE_DIR ecomdev-phpunit.php -a magento-config --db-name magento --same-db 1 --base-url http://test.magento.com/
  - bin/mage-ci shell $MAGE_DIR ecomdev-phpunit.php -a change-status

For building an extension I use simplified composer file, without Magento. For development, I use another version, that bundles Magento.

$MAGE environment variable contains version of Magento that is needed to be installed on CI server, $MAGE_DIR is a location where to install it and where to install related modules.

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