I would like to restore my URL rewrites file to an earlier time before I made changes but I don't to do a full database restore if it's not necessary. Is there a certain file I can restore instead?

The problem is a emptied my core_url_rewrites table and lost a lot of my rewrites when I reindexed.

  • if you do not have a database backup then I doubt you will be able to restore this information. Commented Apr 22, 2015 at 10:43

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Here is the table core_url_rewrite which you can restore.

If you are just interested in your custom rewrites entries then you can use restore core_url_rewrite as temp_core_url_rewrite and run the following command to get your custom URLs restored -:

INSERT INTO core_url_rewrite SELECT * FROM temp_core_url_rewrite WHERE is_system=0

Hope it helps

Cheers S

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