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Today we received an order from a "blocked" country (not allowed via country options). Our customer entered a valid, allowed shipping address but an address from a "not allowed" country for the billing-address. My questions is: can we fully deny (shipping- and billing-address) orders from "not allowed" countries or is there something just misconfigured? The main problem with such a behaviour is, that we just have a tax-table for allowed countries, disallowed countries will get an incorrect, tax-free, bill.

We're using Magento CE

Thanks in advance.

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If memory serves, the billing address is restricted based on the System > Configuration > General > Allowed Countries options.

  • Country is not marked in System > Configuration > General > Allowed Countries options, so either there has to be another option or something else on the magento installation is wrong. I'll try a fresh demo installation and check if this behaviour persists tomorrow.
    – TobiasJ
    Commented Jan 21, 2015 at 16:14

We recently had to change our allowed countries to restrict shipping to only one country. Now we received an order from a registered customer that had registered with a country that is now no longer supported, however the order went through. Can anbody confirm this issue?

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