Dear fellow Magento users,

While filling in my tax report i came to the following conclusion: My tax is inconsistent

My Dashboard shows different total tax then my reports.

Tax Report Image:

Dashboard image :

As you can see, that is roughly a € 10 difference.

Because of that difference i was going to check my taxes manually when i discovered another bug. My PDF invoice is adding random tax to my invoices see images:

Magento in browser invoice: Magento PDF Invoice: (i have highlighted the random tax with a red box)

At this moment i am using Magento ver. (recently upgraded)

Is there any way to regenerate the PDF files to check the correctness of my tax in my dashboard/report

  • Have you made sure that your dashboard is up to date - by refreshing statistics in the the reports menu in admin ? Looking at the first screenshot it says the stats were last updated back in January - these drive the data in the dashboard - it may not correct your issue but would be worth trying – David Allsop Apr 26 '15 at 20:51

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