Throughout my Magento website, where there are products, I made it so that a customer can see the price of the products, with and without Tax.

However, how can I rename the word 'Tax' to 'GST' whenever a product is viewed within the website. I believe I have to go to the back-end and change some script around, I just don't know where?


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You have two options (modifying core files does not count)

  1. Database based approach, using admin panel:

    Use inline translations. In System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer you can activate translation mode. If your site is publicly accessible, make sure to enter your IP address in "Developer Client Restrictions", otherwise anybody can change translations:


    Then you can click on the translation icon Translation Icon next to each translatable string and change the translation:


  2. File based approach, using theme translations:

    This approach is useful if you want to change translations based on the theme instead of globally, and if you want to keep changes under version control. Create the file locale/en_US/translate.csv in your theme directory below app/design if it does not exist and add the following line:


    It should be noted that only one translate.csv is used at a time, using the theme fallback mechanisms. So if you have one in package/default and in package/custom, only the latter is used.

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Follow this steps

1) Go to this file : \app\locale\en_US\Mage_Tax.csv.

2) Replace all Tax string with GST string only in the second-column,

3) Refresh magento cache.

Note - Make sure you are using en_US as locale. If something else go that your locale folder and update same file.


To update 'TAX' title in customer's order confirmation email, update in below file: /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/tax/order/tax.phtml

line number 94:

echo $this->__('Tax');

Repleace above line to


Hope it helps you!

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