In the checkout-cart (template/checkout/cart/item/default.phtml) I have this code:

$simpleProduct = $this->getItem()->getOptionByCode('simple_product')->getProduct();

I want to use the same code in the Order Mail (template/email/order/items/order/default.phtml)

<?php $_item = $this->getItem() ?>
$simpleProduct = $_item->getOptionByCode('simple_product')->getProduct();

This leads to this error:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getProduct() on a non-object

So how can I get the simple_product of configurable product in mail order?


nbar, Please use sku field of order item. In Magento if you ordered a configurable product then Magento is save configurable product's child simple product sku has saved in DB.

You need to load simple product by this sku


I had this exact issue. You need to load a quote_item object which is where that method (getOptionByCode()) is defined.

Here's one way of doing this; probably not the most efficient, but it works:


// template/email/order/items/order/default.phtml

$_item    = $this->getItem();
$_order   = $this->getItem()->getOrder();

// Get quote data
$quoteId      = $_order->getQuoteId();
$quote        = Mage::getModel('sales/quote')->load($quoteId);
$quoteItemId  = $_item->getQuoteItemId();

// Load quote items
$quoteItemCollection = Mage::getResourceModel('sales/quote_item_collection');

// Loop through quote items and identify the current one
// You can maybe do this above somehow using a filter method
foreach ($quoteItemCollection->getItems() as $quoteItem) {

    // Current item is the target (top-level scope) item?
    if ($quoteItem->getId() == $quoteItemId) {

        $itemProduct = $quoteItem->getProduct();

        // Here's the getOptionByCode line
        if ($itemProduct->isConfigurable() && $quoteItem->getOptionByCode('simple_product')) {
            // Party
  • +1 for // Party - Good answer, I had to customize this slightly for where I'm using it. – NotJay Dec 4 '15 at 15:23
$product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($item->getProductId());
$configurable= Mage::getModel('catalog/product_type_configurable')->setProduct($product);
$simpleCollection = $configurable->getUsedProductCollection()->addAttributeToSelect('*')->addFilterByRequiredOptions();
foreach($simpleCollection as $simpleProduct){
    echo "name:".$simpleProduct->getName();
    echo "<br>";
    echo "price:".$simpleProduct->getPrice();
    echo "<br>";

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