I am using SOAP API in Magento 1.7

Its easy pretty to fetch Invoice details using invoice id.

But it provide billing_address_id and shipping_address_id only

How I can fetch corresponding addresses using above ids using SOAP API?

And one more question

I have tracking number from vendor saved in database associated to invoice id

How I can access this tracking number from SOAP API?

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When retrieving an invoice you already receive the id of the order in the member parent_id. Do an other call to the server and retrieve the order details using salesOrderInfo.
On the order object you should have the billing and shipping addresses as objects with type salesOrderAddressEntity.
For tracking numbers call the method salesOrderShipmentList and get a list of all order shipments (again using as parameter the parent_id field of the invoice). The result should be an array with objects of type salesOrderShipmentEntity. Each of these objects should have a member called tracks that is an array with elements with type salesOrderShipmentTrackEntity that contain the tracking number in the member number.

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