How to export admin grid only for selected fields in Magento? I have a field which contains link(pdf download link) in admin grid. I don't want to export that particular field in Export CSV action.So how can I achieve it ?

I want to remove 'Download PDf' column in export mass action, please see attached snapshot with this comments.

enter image description here


In you grid.php file,where you are adding your column,pass is_system parameter as true. For example,

 $this->addColumn('url', array(
          'header'    => 'Download PDF',
          'align'     =>'center',
          'width'     => '50px',
          'index'     => null,
          'renderer'      => 'Namespace_MyModule_Block_Adminhtml_Template_Grid_Renderer_Image',
          'sortable'    => false,
          'filter' => false,
          'is_system'   => true

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