Is it possible via some extension or modification to assign customer to a customer group based on the product he buys? For example if we have a "Membership 2015" product and we need to automatically assign customers who buy that product to the "Members 2015" customer group. This way we could set up a catalog price rule that would give discounts for any customers that belong to the Members 2015 group.

  • I'm looking for a very similar solution. Although mine might not be based on membership purchased, I want to add a customer to a group based on specific physical products purchased. My use case is that customers who purchase a particular product will get a lifetime discount on certain other add-on products or replacement parts.
    – MarkE
    Mar 30, 2015 at 16:32

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I ended up with using modified version of this extension: http://mageshopapps.com/shop/customer-membership.html

However here is another extension that should do the job without modifications: https://plugin.company/magento-extensions/automatic-customer-group-switching.html

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