I have some shopping cart price rules set up and want to limit the date range.

  • I have set up my rule to apply a 15% discount on a given SKU, this is working.
  • I have a date range setup from a week out from the given day, this is NOT working.

The rule is being applied outside of the Start and End Date.

  • Setting the rule to 'Inactive' does not deactivate the shopping cart price rule.
  • Changing the groups which can use the coupon DOES have effect on the coupon.

I'd really appreciate any feedback so I don't have to schedule myself to activate these rules by choosing which groups are allowed to use them on the day that the promotion goes live.

I am using Magento CE 1.9


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I upgraded to CE 1.9.1 and it resolved the issues.

If a more complete upgrade is not a good idea - please view: https://github.com/husseycoding/cartrulefix


Maybe need actualize Special price, and can using only special_price

Seems, Date range not works in Rules filter

Maybe will helpfull -

Catalog price rule from today does not apply

  • please see my answer below. Issue resolved in 1.9.1 Mar 7, 2016 at 6:24

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