enter image description hereHi I added this code in my list.phtml file in order to add some info in my product list grid page (see picture attached) and added some div class so that I can change the style and move it around. I know it is probably not the correct way however it works. Now the problem is that I am unable to translate this part in french. Is there a way I can do this? I tried inline and .csv files in my locale but doesn't work and I am pretty sure it is because my codes below are not the correct way to do it. Please help. Thank you

  • <div class="msrp"> Retail Price: <?php echo Mage::helper('core')->currency($_product->getMsrp(),true,false); ?> </div> <div class="qtyleftgrid"> <?php $qty = Mage::getModel('cataloginventory/stock_item')->loadByProduct($_product)->getStockQty(); ?> <?php if ($qty): ?> Qty Left: <?php echo $qty; ?> <?php else: ?> SOLD OUT <?php endif; ?> </div> <div class="yourprice"> Our Price </div> – James Tsai Jan 12 '15 at 18:28

Any text that needs to be translated should be passed through the translate helper. In your template file instead of echoing your text as a string you need to use the translate function on the block. e.g

<div><?php echo $this->__('translated text goes here'); ?></div>

If you do this you should be able to translate the text using your locale csv files.

  • Thankyou very much. It works!!! – James Tsai Jan 13 '15 at 23:28

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