I have a custom db table called "membership". The table appears as below:

membership_no(pk) | bronze | silver | gold

1000001           |   no   |   no   |  yes
1000002           |   yes  |   no   |  no

What id like to do is:

  1. Add a custom field to registration form that asks for membership number.

  2. Validate membership number input against database and if value exists get that row.

3 Assign the customer to a customer group dependent on membership type of the selected row?

Any ideas? (using v1.7.0.2)




I am working on this exact issue. So far this is what I have figured out.

  1. Override code/core/mage/customer/etc/config.xml and add the customer_id fieldset(aka membership_no) , make sure you are in the customer_account scope.

  2. add the new field to


I am on v1.14.0 so I do not know if they had started using the 'persistant' scheme yet.

Still looking into validation

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