As far as I remember, there were a lot of talks about importance of Magento 2 Service Layer and many services with different methods we had out of the box. When I downloaded the latest build, I was noticed that a lot of services were gone. For example, the built in CatalogInventory module has a service where you were able to collect different data. The service is still described in the official wiki: http://goo.gl/A7mVr8. But currently the method getProductStockStatusBySku() was moved from the service to the model and the service was completely removed. The same situation with many other built in modules. The Magento Service Layer philosophy/purpose has changed?

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    I'll let someone else from the team give a full answer, but I believe that only the Customer module is even close to being functionally adapted to M2 architecture at this point. Other modules follow after Dev Beta is concluded in March.
    – benmarks
    Commented Jan 10, 2015 at 13:07
  • I was thinking the same way. However, the core dev team removed the most of logic from the service layer back to the trivial places. It looks like a sort of step back Commented Jan 10, 2015 at 13:19

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It's now in the Api directory rather than Service directory. It has not gone away! There are a few blog posts on alankent.wordpress.com as well if helpful.

Also official Magento 2 documentation has moved to devdocs.magento.com. The wiki tends to get found in searches first and has not been taken down yet. Short term solution in google is to add site:devdocs.magento.com as a search term for now.

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