Recently upgraded from Magento CE 1.5 to Magento I kept the original 1.5 custom theme which was done by someone else. Starting receiving emails a few days later from customers on IE11 who were complaining of the checkout "freezing up" or not allowing them to continue. Here is a screenshot of what the customer sees.

friggin problem

I fired up IE11 and opened the inspector which revealed the following errors;

enter image description here

After comparing the console errors to Chrome and Firefox, I determined that the errors present in IE11 but not in others. The error is:

Unable to get property 'reject' of undefined or null reference.

After some Googling, this seems to be a very ambiguous error. Has anyone experienced a similar problem after upgrading? Thank you.


deprecation.js is not part of magento and prototype might not be IE11 compatible https://prototype.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8886/tickets/3508-ie11-support

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