I have created an attribute with "Product Details" as Textarea in admin panel.

Now I need to make it display as "Product Details" next to description tab in product detail page for each and every product.

Any suggestions please.

  • Can you please show catalog.xml code thus i can check
    – Amit Bera
    Jan 9 '15 at 7:48
  • which theme you use? which version of magento? are u using easytabs extension or u r using ur custom theme? Jan 9 '15 at 7:55
  • <block type="catalog/product_view_description" name="product.description" as="Description" template="catalog/product/view/description.phtml"> <action method="addToParentGroup"><group>detailed_info</group></action> </block>
    – Raj
    Jan 9 '15 at 8:42
  • I am using SNS Toronto and not using any extensions. Magento version is 1.9.1
    – Raj
    Jan 9 '15 at 8:45
  • I want to add a tab similar to what Description does.
    – Raj
    Jan 9 '15 at 8:48

Just add this code after Description block in catalog.xml files

<block type="catalog/product_view_attributes" name="Your_attribute_name" as="additional" template="catalog/product/view/attributes.phtml">
    <action method="addToParentGroup"><group>detailed_info</group></action>
    <action method="setTitle" translate="value"><value>Your tab name</value></action>

you can add in the above way for any number of tabs needed hope this helps.

  • @dh47 catalog.xml should not be edited directly, this should go in local.xml Jan 16 '15 at 15:14
  • @Meogi we can edit catalog.xml in theme's layout ofcourse yes editing in local.xml is best thing forever.
    – dh47
    Jan 17 '15 at 4:01
  • @dh47 Yes you "can" edit it these files however you're asking for upgrade issues by editing any app/design/frontend/*/default/layout/*.xml files. By copying these files from base/default or rwd/default to you're local theme you are losing ALL upgrade instructions from an ENTIRE core module when you perform Magento upgrades. If this is what you're looking for then edit away. There isn't anything in these files that cannot be appended to / modified / removed with instructions from local.xml. Jan 17 '15 at 17:12
  • @dh47 Unknowingly did it. Recasting my vote.
    – Raj
    Jan 23 '15 at 9:22
  • Also see the comment @Meogi posted
    – Raj
    Jan 23 '15 at 9:23

Create the file app/frontend/design/{packageName}/{themeName}/layout/local.xml if it does not exist already.

Note: {packageName} is most likely "default" or "rwd", depending on your site setup. {themeName} should be a folder you created to use as the theme for your site, which extends the "default" theme.

In that local.xml file, include the following: (If this file already exists for you, just add the contents within the 'catalog_product_view' layout handle).

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <reference name="product.info">
            <block type="catalog/product_view_attributes" name="product_details" template="catalog/product/view/attributes.phtml">
                <action method="addToParentGroup"><group>detailed_info</group></action>
                <action method="setTitle" translate="value"><value>Product Details</value></action>

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