I have enable free shipping from System -> Configuration.

If order is greater than 50 then it's Free Shipping.

But i want to charge if order is below 50 for X amount.


I gone through above link.

I want to set if order is above 50 then free shipping. If less then 50 then X delivery/shipping charges.


  • have you use Magento Shipping Table Rate? with the use of this you can achieve this thing
    – Keyul Shah
    Jan 9, 2015 at 5:07

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Hi you can do this by Shipping Cart rules.

Step1: Goto admin>Promotion>Shopping cart rules

Step2: Create Shopping Cart rules

Step3: On this condition tab put logic shopping

Subtotal > = 50

enter image description here

and put below rules like screen shot enter image description here

Step4: Enable Flat rate from System -> Configurations -> Shipping Methods and put your shipping Charges.It is work when subtotal less 50

  • I want only one at a time for example i want only flat rate if less then 50 and only freeshipping if more then 50 then?
    – Jaimin
    Sep 11, 2018 at 12:30

You can set that by using table rates in Shipping methods Section From the System Configurations settings,

Got to System -> Configurations -> Shipping Methods

Change the Current Configuration scope to Website

In Table Rates Tab Select Condition as Price Vs. Destinition

Click On Export Button Next to the Condition

Fill the Details in the CV downloaded,

And Upload it to the Import and save it.


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