If I open the translation for "Incl. 7% Tax, plus Shipping Cost" it says:

Location:  Span element 
Scope:  FireGento_GermanSetup 
Shown:  19% 
Original:  %s%% 
Translated:  %s%% 
Store View Specific:  
Custom:  %s%%

How can I change the translation text?

Found the source file price_info.phtml

<span class="tax-details"><?php echo $this->__('Incl. %s Tax, plus <a href="%s">Shipping 
   Cost</a>', $this->getFormattedTaxRate(), $shippingCostUrl) ?></span>

This is the same problem, but the solution does not work for me or I can not make it work.

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There are situations where the inline translation does not work, because Magento can not identify the correct source string when clicking the translation icon.

You can always do a manual translation.

First you have to identify in from which module the translation comes from. By enabling template-hints you could find out that your translation is printed in app/design/frontend/base/default/template/germansetup/price_info.phtml via $this->__() and $this is of the type FireGento_GermanSetup_Block_Catalog_Product_Price the module is FireGento_GermanSetup. (there could be rare cases where this is incorrect, if the helper overwrites the module)

If you have a look at app/locale/de_DE/FireGento_GermanSetup.csv, you find the translation line:

"Incl. %s Tax, excl. <a href=""%s"">Shipping Cost</a>","Inkl. %s MwSt., zzgl. <a href=""%s"">Versandkosten</a>"

Custom translations can be added to a translate.csv in your theme (example: /app/design/frontend/foo/bar/locale/de_DE/translate.csv) or into the database table core_translate.

I suppose you translate the whole application using inline translations, so the core_translate table would be the way to go.

No in the string column, you have to prefix the string with the module name and :: resulting in the following fields to fill (locale, store_id can be copied from your existing entries):

string: FireGento_GermanSetup::Incl. %s Tax, excl. <a href=""%s"">Shipping Cost</a> translate: My own text ... Inkl. %s MwSt., zzgl. <a href=""%s"">Versandkosten</a>

A line in the translate.csv would look like this:

"FireGento_GermanSetup::Incl. %s Tax, excl. <a href=""%s"">Shipping Cost</a>";My own text ... Inkl. %s MwSt., zzgl. <a href=""%s"">Versandkosten</a>"

  • my own translate.csv did not work but app/locale/de_DE/FireGento_GermanSetup.csv does. Thanks a lot! Feb 5, 2013 at 9:18
  • Please do not change the module translation directly. Did you try to insert the string to core_translate. The database has priority over the files.
    – Alex
    Feb 5, 2013 at 9:23
  • Alright, I used core_translate. That worked without FireGento_GermanSetup:: prefix. Feb 5, 2013 at 9:30
  • Did it also work with the prefix? Prefixing is more clean but basically has only an effect when in Developer Mode. If it did not work with the prefix I guess there are some module overwrites in place that change the translation module used.
    – Alex
    Feb 5, 2013 at 9:46

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