I think magento saving all eav entity information From eav_entity_type table. But where is sales/quote entity information?

This eav_entity_type attribute_id is linked with eav_attribute table right?

Where is sales/quote entity information?

Could you please explain me In-detail?


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All type id information is mapped in the database table eav_entity_type:

enter image description here

The problem you're describing is, however, that sales order and quote information have not been EAV since ~1.4 or so. So therefore there is no entity type in later versions of Magento. Instead, all Sales Quote information is accessed directly as a Magento Resource Model which maps directly to a table. In this case, the table is sales_flat_quote; which may optionally have a prefix if you've defined a prefix.

  • k thank you for information. could you please describe about attribute_model or let me know the best eav model ref.. link expect excellencemagentoblog.com
    – M_N
    Commented Jan 5, 2015 at 9:07

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