I want to disable modules I don't use to improve performace on System -> Advanced -> Advanced

I found this Disabling modules - performance improvement?

but only few modules are mention and I think there are other basic modules we can disable

Is there a link which explain each module? So I can decide I disable or not

or any recommend setting?

e.g.) I still can't figure what Mage_Usa do

enter image description here

Also anyone have used this? curious this works well

'Transparent auto detecting of disabled core modules and providing mock objects for not breaking Magento.'



I would like to point out that setting Disabled for a certain module in System > Configuration > Advanced > Disable Modules Output will not actually disable that module. It will, as the name suggest, disable modules output.

final public function toHtml()
    Mage::dispatchEvent('core_block_abstract_to_html_before', array('block' => $this));
    if (Mage::getStoreConfig('advanced/modules_disable_output/' . $this->getModuleName())) {
        return '';

Modules are disabled in app/etc/modules by setting <active>false</active> for specific module.

There is already a good post on the topic here: What Default Modules I can disable?

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