Am trying to add secure URL to my custom module - below is my config.xml sample code


My need is to make myschemes url to access only through https:// if the user forced to load on non http i.e., http:// .

If i add secure url for myschemes then above rewrite is not working. If i enter https://www.example.com/myschemes/ as url it is redirecting to https://www.example.com/scheme/user//

How can I achieve this? Please help.

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Interesting question, I was curious how this worked myself so I did a little digging. If you take a look at the standard router (Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard) you'll see that it makes a determination if a route should be secure by using _checkShouldBeSecure, which will in turn call _shouldBeSecure and this will ultimately call Mage_Core_Model_Config::shouldUrlBeSecure.

From here you can see that the way to force a URL to be secure is to declare the path so in your modules XML code. To take an example from core, which you can see in app/code/core/Mage/Customer/etc/config.xml.


I'm not sure about rewrites, but this is how you force secure urls on your own controller actions.


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