I want something like this in a CMS block:

<a href="mailto:{{url:store1-general-email}}">Send an email</a>

...which should result with a proper insertion of the General Email account for store1

  • what did you try ? Dec 31 '14 at 1:20
  • I didn't try anything... I searched like crazy but only got hits on transactional email template variables. Maybe there is a canonical list of Magento variables somewhere, but I could not locate it.
    – Sy Moen
    Dec 31 '14 at 18:41
{{config path="trans_email/ident_support/email"}}

<a href="mailto:{{config path="trans_email/ident_support/email"}}">{{config path="trans_email/ident_support/email"}}</a>

I figured it out, thanks to Manish Prakash for his blog post, Advanced Transactional Email Templates

One more beautiful thing that I discovered on this search is an amazing plugin that allows you to very easily create complex custom directives, the Aoe_ExtendedFilter maintained by Lee Saferite. Very nice indeed.

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