I see that Magento 2 still has a SOAP API.
I'm not able to find the URL to the WSDL.

I've tried this so far:

$HOME/api/soap/index/?wsdl and $HOME/api/soap/index/?wsdl=1


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I was playing with API today. It looks URLs like these work on beta2:


Service name translation is being done in Magento\Webapi\Helper\Data::getServiceNameParts() and there are examples in docblock there. Examples are probably outdated, but they show general idea.

  • hi, how to invoke magento 2 api? plz.. let me know with example Sep 11, 2015 at 10:08

And we changed it...

If you're looking for Magento Dev RC - SOAP WSDL's the new pattern is like so (with some examples)


To figure out what the service is called look at both the module name (also namespace) and it's webapi.xml to find the class name that's being exposed as a service. Drop any redundant name spaces/naming ( api, services, interface ) and combine as [module namespace][class name].

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    To get the list of all available wsdl services use this url: $HOME/soap/default?wsdl_list=1 Oct 23, 2015 at 22:56

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