Magento has this db table: catalog_product_link_attribute. What is the purpose of this table. I researched some and it relates to associated products. Who has some examples to advanced use of this feature?


The table catalog_product_link_attribute is used to store attributes for product relations.
For example when adding a product as an upsell for an other one, you also fill in a 'poistion' field. in order for Magento to allow you to fill in that field it must exist in the table catalog_product_link_attribute.

The product relations are kept in catalog_product_link, but only as references to the ids of the products. (product_id, 'related_id' and 'relation_type'). The rest of the values are kept in the tables:

  1. catalog_product_link_attribute_decimal
  2. catalog_product_link_attribute_int
  3. catalog_product_link_attribute_varchar

that have a reference to the catalog_product_link_attribute table. It's an EAV approach, somehow similar to how the products & categories are stored in the database, but on a smaller scale.

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  • Yes, I also found this answer when I researched issue. Thanks – mageUz Jun 20 '13 at 10:51

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