I have a one cms page with name stock list and i want to show here all the product with the corresponding category name above it. like this

category 1

product1 product2 proudct3

category2 proudct1 product2 product3

I tried

{{block type="catalog/product_list" category_id="8" template="catalog/product/featured.phtml"}} 

but this will only show the product from a specific category not does not print the name of the category

I have around 50 category so it is not a good practice for me to do this type of coding again and again to show product from all the category.

so I think that one solution for this is to call the view.phtml file which is used to show product on category page. but i don't know the code how to call that file on cms page. so can any one help me in this or give me the better idea for this problem

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I'm not sure where your template file featured.phtml is coming from, as it seems not the be a Magento core file.
But you can use your own template file (other then featured.phtml) and make sure it outputs the category name of the called category (referenced by category_id="8").

Copy your featured.phtml and add a line to output the category's name. As your block type is catalog/product_list look at the file app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Block/Product/List.php to get a clue how you can achive this. As you can see in line 79 you can get the referenced category ID by $this->getCategoryId().

So a

<?php echo Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load($this->getCategoryId())->getName() ?>

would do the trick inside you template file. The layout is up to you.

This is from Vinai's reply on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9534236/how-to-get-the-category-name-from-list-phtml-in-magento

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