I want to make 2 parent categories and attach to them same sub category example:

  • category name:"gift" --> subcategory name:"photo gift"
  • category name:"gift for dad" --> subcategory name:"photo gift"

Same sub category in 2 different parent categories.

Can it be done in Magento?

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No, a sub-category can't be linked to multiple parent categories.

You will have to create two separate sub-categories. So, you would have this category structure:

  • Gift
    • Photo gift (1)
  • Gift for dad
    • Photo gift (2)

And you would have two 'Photo gift' categories.

However, you can link a product to multiple categories. So, you can configure both sub-categories so that they will look exactly the same.

  • Can we able to update same name child category in different parent while re-importing via CSV. Below is the example. Default Category: =>Mobile -Samsung -Sony =>TV -Samsung -Sony =>Device -Samsung -Sony Commented Aug 1, 2019 at 10:00

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