I set up unit tests for Magento using EcomDev PHPUnit. I was able to make almost everything working properly. The only thing which I haven't figured out is how to use fixtures in multiple database setup.

There are two database resources set in local.xml:

  • default_setup used by the whole codebase as default connection
  • my_extension used by one custom extension, declared in module config.xml

Then I have following fixtures in default.yaml file:

    user: &user
        id: 1
        login: john
        password: foo
        email: [email protected]
        customer_id: 1
        firstname: John
        lastname: Doe
        customer_id: 1

        <<: *user
        id: 1

        <<: *eav_customer
        entity_id: 1
        firstname: John
        lastname: Smith
        email: [email protected]

I would like to have eav/customer fixture added using default_setup resource and my_extension/user fixture added using my_extension resource.

As far as I see in EcomDev_PHPUnit_Model_Fixture_Processor_Tables, it always uses default resource.

For now I just configured test Magento environment to have both resources using the same database.

Do you know any elegant way to make fixtures working with different resources?

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Good question but looking back at the projects I have used Ecom_Dev on I don't think that this is possible. By having the data split out as well it would look more like you are testing the infrastructure. E.g. Another DB connection can write / read.

When using unit testing and Ecom_Dev where the data is stored should not really make much of a difference, This could be covered at a higher level to ensure it works..

  • Thanks James, it makes sense. It looks it's not supported, however using one database for testing purposes is enough there. Commented Feb 13, 2015 at 20:59

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