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catalog/seo_sitemap/category/ showing disabled categories

Hi we have a link to catalog/seo_sitemap/category/ in our store view

the problem is that is shows the DISABLED categories from our store domain (higher level in hierarchy) when the categories are disabled on store view level.

Working as expected

Category 1 works like expected
Default config = enabled yes
  store view A = inherit
  store view B = inherit

Not working as expected

Category 2 something strange going on
Default config = enabled yes
  store view A = inherit
  store view B = override, disable

But category 2 in store view B is still visible

Help appreciated: thanks!


This is what we see in frontend enter image description here

And this is what we see in backend enter image description here

question: is this a Magento code error? or how can we solve this


I'll add the relevant comment as an answer:

As per https://www.magentocommerce.com/bug-tracking/issue/index/id/680:

Magento Team |posted 4/18/15 6:24 PM

The sitemaps are no longer recommended for use given Google's use of sitemap.xml. We don't expect to fix this issue in the near future.


Possible fix: https://github.com/OpenMage/magento-lts/commit/5f2eae6992b597a945e35f169000b383740cd4de

And why it is important http://youtu.be/hi5DGOu1uA0

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