I managed by DOM, but has some interactions, I need capture the last change, in div.price-box to to send a post via ajax, if not shoot several ajax post.


$('.price-box').bind('DOMSubtreeModified', function() {
    alert('test');// display the alert from 5 ~ 9 times on the screen

The event .change in div.price-box or span.price does not work.

I would like to get an event that captures the change in price, or by my example only get the last interaction.

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$('.price-box').bind('DOMSubtreeModified', HandleDOM_ChangeWithDelay);

var zGbl_DOM_ChangeTimer = null;

function HandleDOM_ChangeWithDelay (zEvent) {
    if (typeof zGbl_DOM_ChangeTimer == "number") {
        clearTimeout (zGbl_DOM_ChangeTimer);
        zGbl_DOM_ChangeTimer = '';
    zGbl_DOM_ChangeTimer= setTimeout (HandleDOM_Change, 0);

function HandleDOM_Change () {

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