I was updating some content the other day in my site http://www.kabayandundee.co.uk/tindahan when suddenly the product pages lost their styling.

I was not meddling with the templates or code at all, only updating content and uploading images.

After that happened I tried installing and activating new themes but the product pages remain the same no matter what I do.

I am not sure where this can be easily fixed or if it would be better to start a new installation from scratch? Also, I would like to know what has gone wrong, so I can, at least, learn from this.

Thanks a lot for your time


I see that your theme name is 'defalt/f001', but on the product pages the styles from the base/default theme are loaded.
Since you say you were only changing content I would say that you changed the theme for a certain products and/or categories.
retrace your steps, and edit some product or category you already edited and look at the Design tab for products or Custom Design tab for categories. Make sure you have for the Custom Design field for both products and categories set to --Please Select-- (this means no design change.)

This is just a shot in the dark. Based on the info you provided that's the best I can do.

  • Smashing! You are a star. I figure that the sql template that I used to input the content has "default" in the design tab for each product. I will double check and correct. Thanks again, you made my day! – Eduardo Marin Dec 17 '14 at 7:47

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