There is one line within the checkout process under Payment Information that says: "To add or remove gift cards, click here."

I literally just need to change the wording of this and possibly the styling. But I cannot find anywhere that it would be. I assumed it would be in the template files but everywhere I've looked came up empty.

Any help is appreciated - Thanks!


You should be able to change the text by using magento's translate. In your current package add the translate.csv


You will need to find what locale you using by logging into magento backend then

System > Configuration > General > General > Locale Options

Inspect the Locale and find the value e.g en_AU Change the locale_type

In the translate.csv Enter the sentence outputed by magento and then enter the sentence you want e.g

"To add or remove gift cards, click here.", "Add/Remove Gift Cards"

More Info: http://blog.belvg.com/editing-magento-translate-csv-file.html

Hope this helps

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