i see sample data of latest version of magento is about 430 mb why so large i gets stucked while downloading can i use older versions sample data

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    It is totally possible to answer this question. I see no reason to close it. There are specific reasons why the sample data package is so large, and an answer could also include a link to github.com/Vinai/compressed-magento-sample-data as a possible source of smaller sample data. – Vinai Dec 16 '14 at 11:31
  • yeah ,downloading large data of 430 is not easy task for slow connection , i am stuckecd from two days – user1799722 Dec 16 '14 at 11:41
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    For that reason I commented with the link above to a compressed version of the sample data with lower quality versions of the images and the mp3 files. The file sizes vary between 20-66 MB depending on compression type. – Vinai Dec 16 '14 at 16:15

For a [feel free to edit and insert good reason here] reason, Magento felt it necessary to include extremely large assets within the sample data package.

There are a number of "lite" versions maintained by the community available,

In our version, we merely did the following,

Remove the cache/tmp dirs

rm -rf magento-sample-data- magento-sample-data-

Zero byte the MP3 files

find magento-sample-data- -name '*.mp3' | while read F; do >$F; done

Resize the large images to a tenth their size

for EXT in jpg png; do
  find magento-sample-data- -size +500k -name '*.'$EXT | while read F; do convert $F -resize 10% $F.new; mv $F{.new,} ; done

Losslessly recompress the image files using MageStack utils

/microcloud/scripts_ro/image_optimise.sh magento-sample-data-
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