I have created simple static block and trying to show it through widget inside Left Column but its not showing. In fact any static block is not working through widget. I have created magento theme in 1.9 with static blocks it was working fine now I'm deploying it to magento 1.8 any reasons ?

I'm attaching it in Left Column,

cms->widgets creating new instance

type:cms static block;

design: customTheme/default (i have also tried with base/default, default/default )

Widget Instance Title:left-block

Assign to Store Views: All Store Views;

sort order:1

Add Layout Update:

Display On:Non-Anchor Categories

Block Reference:Left Column

widget option: Left Block


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Widgets are specific to Packages/Themes and do not follow Magento's Hierarchy (Fallback) system from my experience.

Make sure the widget you've created is assigned specifically to the Package & Theme your Store/Store View has assigned under System > Configuration > Design.

IF you're using a Custom Design on a Product, Category, CMS Page, or design set in System > Design you'll want to make sure you are assign your widget instance to reflect the same value. Be careful though, you cannot easily reassign the Package/Theme of a widget instance in Magento's admin.

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