I have created a custom module with my own db table. My question is; what data is available to me in the block class while I'm editing an entry?

For example, I use the products collection in my block and call it as follows:

$collection = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')

Now, I can use the getters to retrieve info, such as:

... etc, etc

All good. Now, if my custom model is called test_model/test, and I have an instance like so:

$test = Mage::getModel('test_model/test');

Calling a getter for getMyfield(); produces nothing. Obviously, if I explicitly load an item:

$test = Mage::getModel('test_model/test')->load('1');

Then I do have those getters available.

So... what am I missing? Why do I have to load the row I want first? Shouldn't it be available on edit with $this->getMyfield();.

Help a Mage nooby out, please.

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If you use Mage::getModel('some/model') method Magento only returns model class without values.
If you use Mage::getModel('some/model')->load($id) then Magento loads the object (one row) from db table and returns this object with it's values. And you can get some value via $model->getMyField(). Also you can define some methods and default values for model class:

class My_SomeModule_Model_SomeModel extends Mage_Core_Model_Abstract{
    protected function _construct()
    public function getSomeValue(){
        //here is your some logic to calculate or load some $value
        return $value; 
    public function validate(){
        //you can write object values validation logic  
        return $this->getMyField()!==null;
    protected function _beforeSave(){
           throw new Exception('Some validation Message here');
        return parent::_beforeSave();

Using model:

$model->setAnotherField('some value');

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