we enabled store pickup, actually we enabled "free shipping" and named it Store Pickup.

And we now have the following issues we need to address:

  • the standard shipping email contains text explaining how we ship. We now need a depend or if/else statement: pickup text 1, other text 2. How can this be done?

  • as I understand there is no other way to do this other than utilizing the "Free Shipping" or "Fixed rate" option. Or am I missing something?

Question: how can we best implement store pickup? (interested in experiences and esp. simple solutions)


There are several paid but not too expensive extensions that offer really nice store pickup shipping methods. Check for collinsharper, magestore or aheadworks.

Explaining how to build a good store pickup module is simply a bit too extensive for an answer


We ended up utilizing this solution (and sticking to the regular Magento flow).

@Sander The extensions look good but all utilize a separate button or flow. Also I think one great one is missing (single location store pickup extension): http://www.magmodules.eu/ready-to-pickup-from-store-e-mail.html

Solution we ended up using

  1. Add block type variable in transactional email (shipping)

    {{block type='core/template' area='frontend' template='emails/storepickup.html' order=$order}}

  2. create new file in custom template folder or base/default


  1. create code like this in emails/storepickup.html and change filter & text

<?php $_filter = "store pickup" // wordt to search for in description; if($order = $this->getData('order')) { $_descr = $order->getShippingDescription(); if (strpos($_descr,$_filter) !== false) { echo 'Pick me up please!'; } else { echo "Your order was shipped"; } } else { echo "Your order was shipped"; } ?>

Hope it helps.

Ps. we also logged two bugs/feature requests to Magento. 1 for a method to add custom variables more easily like (get ShippingDescription or any other) and 2. for a comparison methods like eq/== for variable matching in transactional emails. If you think this is a good idea please respon or +1 the issue request.

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