I am looking for a PHP script that can create a backup mirror of my store for development purposes. I have been looking around, but not found.

Reading this: http://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki/groups/227/moving_magento_to_another_server#old_server

There must be a way or someone has done it to make a full site and DB copy?

For example: A all in one copy script - or something like modman that gabs all it needs and creates and second site

  • Why not just use svn or git to copy your files to local development? Jun 24 '13 at 20:00

I'm not aware of a ready made script to make a development copy of a site and a database.
As a freelance Magento developer, I've worked in many teams and companies. Every one had their own development and deployment methodology.
Creating a development backup of a site would have been different under every circumstance, too.

That said, it almost never happened that someone would copy back code from a production site, except initially for an inherited project.
In that case, rsync worked well. In all other cases, only a DB dump of the production system was fetched into dev or testing, since the code only was deployed in the other direction.

dev > testing > staging > production

or a variation thereof.

One tool I'm aware of to make pulling a dump of the database into dev is n98-magerun with the db:dump --strip="@stripped" option.
It eliminates the (legal) issues related to copying customer and other sensitive data to development environments.

To summarize, I suggest:

  • roll your own tool to initially copy code from production to development (check out rsync)
  • after that, only move code from dev to production
  • use n98-magerun to fetch db dumps from live to testing

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