The VAT Tax breakdown isn't being shown on the shopping basket when a visitor adds a product to it. If they go to checkout, and then back (without doing anything in checkout), it will display the breakdown. Otherwise it just displays a sub total and total (which are exactly the same).

The settings we have configured are:

  • Tax calculation method based on: Unit Price
  • Tax Calculation Based On: Shipping Address
  • Catalog Prices: Excluding Tax
  • Delivery Prices: Excluding Tax
  • Apply Customer Tax: After Discount
  • Apply Discount On Prices: Excluding Tax
  • Default Country: UK
  • Default State/Post Code: *

Shopping Cart Display Settings

  • Prices: Excluding Tax
  • Sub Total: Excluding Tax
  • Delivery Amount: Incl. and Excl. Tax
  • Include Tax in Grand Total: No (Even on yes, this just shows two prices exactly the same, without VAT being added on).

There are several Tax rates set up, one for each applicable country at 20%. The Tax Rule is applied to retail customers and taxable goods; the issue seems to happen when multiple tax rates are selected (if I just select the UK VAT one, prices display as expected, otherwise if I select them all, it only displays ex VAT in everything).

Any ideas? I've followed both magento guides/documentation and other blog posts on doing this, and none of them help resolve the issue unfortunately.

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This is most likely due to the Tax Origin not being set correctly (it's probably on its default: US). This is different from the Default Country setting, you can find it at System -> Configuration -> [SALES] Tax -> Origin.

Let me know if it works! :)

  • There isn't a "Origin" option, but there is a "Default Tax Destination Calculation - Default Country" which is set to UK. So no luck I'm afraid.
    – David
    Commented Dec 17, 2014 at 15:05
  • Argh, excuse me, I translated it from Dutch, thinking it was a different option. Sorry! Commented Dec 17, 2014 at 16:31

When importing the tax rate from a CSV there was a missing column of default which can have a 1 inside it to represent which tax rate is the default tax rate.

I was using the CSV from http://www.mcnab.co/blog/e-commerce/magento/magento-vat-setup-for-countries-trading-worldwide/ which was missing several columns compared to the Magento export version. So I had to re-import the tax rates to fix the issue.

The columns missed (following the Rate column) were Zip/Post is Range, Range From, Range To and default which can all be left blank (except I placed a 1 in the default tax rate I wanted to use, e.g. UK VAT)

Hope that helps anyone else that encounters this issue.

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