I would like to know how to retrieve products that belong to a specific category in Magento SOAP API V2, with WS-I compliance and also without.

Here's what I've tried in WS-I compliance mode:

$proxy = new SoapClient('http://foobar.local/api/v2_soap/?wsdl');

$sessionId = $proxy->login(array(
    'username' => 'foo',
    'apiKey' => 'bar'

$filters = array( 'complex_filter' =>
            'key' => 'category_ids',
            'value' => array( 'key' => 'like', 'value' => '%1%' )

$result = $proxy->catalogProductList(array('sessionId' => $sessionId->result, 'filters' => $filters));


I can use the complex filter to successfully filter by product_id however this fails to work for category_ids as it has another nested level. How can I retrieve products via the Magento API for a certain category ID? Should I be using catalog_category.assignedProducts?

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As you already noted in your question, the preferred way of retrieving products which belong to a specific category is catalogCategoryAssignedProducts for SOAPv2 (see documentation here).

catalogProductList is a way of retrieving products by attributes.

Please note that catalogCategoryAssignedProducts fetches only products from one specific category and not multiple ones.

The SOAP calls according to documentation are:


$result = $proxy->catalogCategoryAssignedProducts($sessionId, '4');


$result = $proxy->catalogCategoryAssignedProducts((object)array('sessionId' => $sessionId->result, 'categoryId' => '4'));

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