I'm seeing this in a widget and would like to know what it does. I'm unsure as to where to look for documentation in regards to issues like this as well, any helpful pointers / ways to streamline search are appreciated.

In the expressed widget on the page i'm seeing the page number, however, i'd like to modify this code and would like to know where this function is defined.


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The best way to find the method definition is a grep or awk search in your filesystem / IDE search for

n getPagerHtml(

This will match

[private|protected|public] function getPagerHtml(

while avoiding the matching of uses of getPagerHtml in the code itself.

Because Magento is extensible, the best folder in which to search recursively is ./app/code, as this will contain all class definitions from the core, third-party vendors, and local modifications. If the result turns up nothing, you can also try a search in ./lib.

If you do not find a method definition, it should be noted that get*() and set*() methods in Magento may not be explicitly declared, due to the __call() implementation in Varien_Object (along with has*() and uns*() methods).

In your case, you are probably looking for Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_Widget_New::getPagerHtml().


Actully you have not specified what would you like to do but if you wanna find where this function is defined and declare please see the below


That is for the product listing .... That same for sidebar, new listing , order history etc all types of pager comes from associated block class..

  • "seeing this in a widget"
    – benmarks
    Dec 8, 2014 at 17:32

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