I was wondering what is the best approach for implementing sale (auth with immediate capture from the gateway) transaction in Magento?

I would like to achieve the best possible compatibility with any potential workflows, 3rd -party observers and configurations.

Should i just call parent::capture(); at the end of my authorize method?


Once again, in this great community, i am answering my own question.

After digging through the code, i found the cleanest approach (for run-time configurable transaction type) to be what PayPal actually uses: override getConfigPaymentAction() within your Model and insert a custom logic (based on your module configuration) that returns one of the following types:

const ACTION_ORDER = 'order'; const ACTION_AUTHORIZE = 'authorize'; const ACTION_AUTHORIZE_CAPTURE = 'authorize_capture';

In order to have both sale/capture, you'll need to modify your capture() method to check for previous Auth transactions.

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