I am building an analytics platform on top of an already existing Magento Ecommerce using Python/Django. In this app, I need to show stuff like Total order value, Average order size etc. for certain time frames. Before we go ahead, keep in mind that this analytics engine need not show stuff real time. (They are allowed to be little outdated depending on the timeframe we would be seeing.).

I am not sure whether I could've used the Magento API for this job, but I just wanted to develop this pretty quickly and I wanted to use the framework I am more comfortable with. Also, connecting to the database made more sense to me than using the API of an already slow site.

So here's my question: I am thinking of building this platform using the indexes (flat tables) generated by Magento, but I am not sure how (often) these tables get generated, and whether this would be a good idea or not? What problems could I run into in the future if I do this?

If anyone did something like this before, please share your experiences. Thanks!

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I have built this thing, and it's working fine. The tables are generated by Magento quite often, and if anyone is going to do a similar thing, it shouldn't create much of a problem.

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