please visit this link :

on bottom you can see " Latest Product Added " under that first product is

"longer product name need to display in 2 lines "

as like in products list page, how to display above product name in 2 lines.

product_bestseller_block.phtml = >

please help me to find solution.

Thanks in advance.

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this is not exactly a magento question... the easiest solution is to add fixed width to .best-sell-product

.best-sell-product {width: 150px;} 

the rule can be found in http://kidsdial.com/skin/frontend/default/default/marketplace/css/wk_block.css line 95.

If css is not an option, you can split the name using PHP, inserting a <br> after N chars (use strlen, preg_split, explode, substr)

  • I used php string functions. Thanks a lot for your help Commented Dec 5, 2014 at 11:09

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