I have setup a module and my system.xml to enable admin menus. The issue is that the username and password fields are auto-populating which can potentially cause problems later down the track via a human error. Is it possible to put parameters in system.xml (and thereby render the input tag with autocomplete="off" to disable the autocomplete?


This is not a question about browser behaviour. It is asking if it is possible to insert parameters into the <input> HTML when it is rendered via system.xml and/or AdminHTML.

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As far as I know there is no way to define this in system.xml. You would have to manipulate the generation of the form.

Also check this thread on StackOverflow stating that password managers (and also Chrome starting from v34) ignore this attribute: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3868299/is-autocomplete-off-compatible-with-all-modern-browsers

The most important quotes:

Password managers now ignore the autocomplete attribute for password fields in the major browsers as of:

  • IE11
  • Firefox 30
  • Chrome 34
  • Safari seems to have an opt-in option to ignore them

It should still work fine for disabling autocomplete on form fields, but no longer affects the password manager.


As of Chrome v34, autocomplete="off" is now ignored by default.

This somewhat debatable feature can be disabled in the flags configuration by visiting chrome://flags


So I'd suggest to accept that users have to care about it themselves.

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