I have developed a custom module with the help from @Marius, that allows a customer support team member to select a customer from the customer list in the admin section and logs them in as the customer and then redirects to shop.

I now need to the opposite, from a custom page in the client side I need to:

  1. Clear the customer session
  2. Redirect back to the customer list in the admin section.

This is the code I have in a new controller:

 // get customer list in admin section URL
 $customerUrl = Mage::helper('adminhtml')->getUrl('adminhtml/customer/index');
 // Logout customer session 
 // Redirect to customers page in admin section

This code kind works but I get redirect to the admin dashboard.

Please can you point me in the direction

Many thanks


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I think the following snippet should do what you need here.


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