I've been trying to find an answer to how I disable VAT for anybody who orders from the Canary Islands. A customer made an order from the Tenerife over the weekend and is a little unhappy he's paying VAT. The trouble is that customers who order from the Canaries use Spain as their country, which is correct. Spain however, is charged at normal VAT Rates... The Canaries are not

What's the best way to fix this issue? I don't have any knowledge in Magento programming and would rather not tamper with things I know little about...

Thanks for the help!


According to http://zipcodes.guide-spain.com/Canary_Islands there are two postcode prefixes for the canaries, Las Palmas 35 & Santa Cruz de Tenerife 38. Assuming I've understood that correctly then:

In admin Sales/Tax/Manage Tax Zones & Rates you've probably got a tax rate for Spain setting it to your standard tax rate. Click add new tax rate call it something similar to the Spain one, but put 35* in the post code, and set the rate to zero. Do the same for 38*. You could also set the state/region here, but only if your store will require that in the address to select. Then in Sales/Tax/Manage Tax Rules you probably have a rule called something like standard vat which matches customer & product tax classes with tax rates. Edit it to add in your new tax rates in the multiselect.

You can test it in the basket using get a quote changing the post code to see when it adds/removes VAT


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