I'm a newbie at Magento and wanted to remove the USPS transit time. I followed your suggestions below, but am not sure how to add appropriate translations into the Mage_Shipping.csv file. Could you clarify? Thanks.

override USPS shipping method name

"First-Class Mail Parcel","First-Class Mail (3-5 Days)"
"Priority Mail 1-Day","Priority Mail (2-3 Days)"
"Priority Mail 2-Day","Priority Mail (2-3 Days)"
"Priority Mail 3-Day","Priority Mail (2-3 Days)"
"Priority Mail Express 2-Day","Priority Mail Express (1-2 Days)"
"Priority Mail Express 1-Day","Priority Mail Express (1-2 Days)"

Posting here because I couldn't find this information myself. We added that above to the bottom of our Mage_Shipping.csv file.

It took us forever to find out because we forgot to flush cache storage after adding those lines. (We added in the 3-5days bit, you can remove it if you'd like)

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