we have two attributes for color. A multiple select color (for all used colors on a shirt) and a select color main_color for Google shopping.

Now we have some shopping extensions that default to the color attribute. And break because this is a multiple select instead of single value. Now we could just change that. The problem is that these attributes have been populated for all our products.

Question: is there an easy way to switch the attribute code for these two attributes - whilst keeping the values linked?

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The only place where the attribute code is kept is the eav_attribute table (I think).
So you can switch the attribute_code value for the 2 attributes.
Clear the cache and rebuild your indexes.

But back-up your db in case I'm wrong.

Of course you could get strange results if you have code sections that call specifically $_product->getColor() or getMainColor().

  • will try (and test via backup). thx
    – snh_nl
    Nov 28, 2014 at 12:26

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