Good Morning I have uploaded (for test) all the Magento files in a directory (magento) because in the root I have installed my official domain.

When I open magento in the browser (http://www.mydomain.ext/magento) instead the installation process this error is displayed: 500 Internal Server error

Maybe magento does not support installation in a dir ? I should perhaps modify some configuration files?

Thank for Help Gaetano

  • Iwawa, check your server logs and show us related error message. – Wojtek Naruniec Nov 29 '14 at 9:42

It does support it, so the problem must be somewhere else. It could be a problem with your .htaccess file, you can check it like this:

  1. Rename .htaccess to .htaccess.bak
  2. open http://www.mydomain.ext/magento/index.php/install

Still see the error? Check your server logs or ask your hoster if you don't know where they are / don't have access to them.

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