I have a trouble with my subdomain and have therefore deactivated a store view. Is it possible to redirect the categories from that store view to the main store view? The direct of a category is already used to create the semantic URL. The URL i want to redirect is da.domain.com/tuborg/tuborg-bar-items.html It should be redirected to domain.com/tuborg/tuborg-bar-items.html The category ID is 25

How can i do it?


You can create a custom redirect with the store view code in it instead of the subdomain probably.

Something like tuborg/tuborg-bar-items.html -> tuborg/tuborg-bar-items.html?___store=storeview_code in


I just had this problem, after trying everything listed above and on several other SO answers i discovered there is more than one base_url definition in the core_config_data table

if you run

select * from core_config_data where path like '%base_url%'

You should see all of the definitions the scope was different on this definition and was overriding the default which i had already changed.

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